Automotive Locksmith services

Doesn't matter if you drive 1991 or 2023 vehicle you need some kind of key to open and start it. These keys can become broken, lost or you simply need spare set of keys. If it happens to you, it's time to visit us! 

Key duplication service.

Majority of the car owners recon that it's ok to have only one key to the vehicles, but they are wrong. Most modern cars use factory fitted immobilizers and therefore have electronic chip in they car keys.  For security reasons usual procedure for programming new key required use one of already programed key But what if your only key get lost or damaged? This why we strongly recommend having at least two working keys to each of your vehicle - one for everyday use and one spare.

If you have only one key to your car, call us now or send us enquire and we will be happy to make you spare key.

All key lost recovery.

But what if your only key to the vehicle already lost or get damaged and don't start it anymore? Tow your car to us and we make you new key!

We have knowledge and equipment to recover from your vehicle all necessary data about key (like shape of the blade and security coding) and make you new keys which will work as original.

We also recommend you do a spare key at the same time, so you will not get in same unpleasant situation again. 

Call us now or use enquiry button below to discuss options and prices.   

Ignition and door locks repairing and re-keying services.

Time from time some "not very good peoples" can try to take your car without your permission and without keys. In process of doing that they likely will damage your door and ignition locks. Also locks can stop working due to wear and tear from regular use.

If damage not too big we can repair your locks. If repair not possible we can replace damaged locks and re-key them to your existing keys, so you can use your car without replacing the keys.

You also can buy secondhand car with driver door lock was replaced before and now have to carry two keys - one from ignition and one from the door. Bring us your car and we make your ignition and all door locks working from same key!

Give us a call or use enquire button.

Remote controls and smart key repairing and duplication.

Central locking remote control are very handy feature in modern cars. But like any other electronics it can stop working. If one of your remotes or smart keys suddenly stop working, bring it to us. We will check it and let you know if it can be repaired. We also can replace broken plastic shell for your remote control.

If your remote or smart key cannot be repaired (usually due to water damage), we can supply and program new one.

 We can even make you new remote if you never have one before, but your car support remote central locking from factory.

Call us now for options and prices or send us enquiry.

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