VT201 - Vehicle GPS tracker VT404 more info ...

Vehicle GPS tracker VT404 more info ...
This small device can be very unpleasant surprise for car theft and will help you recovery your vehicle after it haas been stolen. It also has lots of useful function for everyday use. No extra costs for mapping software. No monitoring fees - just SIM card charges. GPS location on-demand - Manual or automatic tracking, monitoring & reporting. Great add-on to any vehicle security system! Put second line of defense into your car!
NZ$ 599.00
 Really is affordable GPS tracking and, unlike most other systems, your only costs are:
  • The initial purchase price
  • A SIM card and its usage (basic plan recommended)

Want to know where it is? Just call the tracker from your mobile phone and it replies with a text message giving its GPS co-ordinats– just type these co-ordinates on any computer into Google Maps or Google Earth to find the location. Or set-up 'auto-track' so it sends you its location at time intervals of your choice.     


  • No added costs for mapping software
  • No added monitoring fees
  • Uses freely available Google Maps or Google Earth
  • Track from any computer, PDA or internet capable mobile phone
  • No external antenna
  • Internal rechargeable battery gives 48hours back-up after main power loss
  • Separate LED, microphone, on/off and 'SOS' button
  • Alarm alert if vehicle alarm is activated
  • Manual tracking - call the tracker anytime to find its location
  • Automatic tracking - you can schedule auto-location reporting
  • Move alert - sends an alert if the tracker is moved
  • Geo-fence - sends alert if outside a permitted area of movement
  • Speed alert - sends an alert if a programmed speed is exceeded
  • SOS button - sends alert to all programmed mobiles (Max' 5)
  • Voice surveillance – listen covertly
  • Controlled and communicates via GSM text messages
  • Up to 5 mobile phone users
  • Battery alert if disconnected from the vehicle
  • Low internal battery alert
  • Status LED

 * Requires to 'see' GPS satellites and have GSM mobile phone coverage to be fully operational. Use indoors can affect position accuracy or operation.

Note: Price not included cost of Vodafone SIM card 

"Personal" version PT201 is available