Reversing cameras and sensors installations. Henderson, Auckland.

Professionally installed reversing camera will protect you and others from accident when you reversing. These devices also make it much easier for you to park your car in tight spots. Our reversing cameras come with monitor built-in into rear view mirror.

Mirror type reversing camera kit   From $419.00 installed, including GST.

 Monitor - 4.3 inch colour monitor built-in into Rear view mirror which clip over your factory mirror. No holes or marks on dashboard!! Two video inputs. When you switch into reversing gear monitor switch on automatically and show you what is behind your car. In any other gear position it work like standard mirror.

Rear Camera - 170 degree waterproof colour camera with distance mark. Few different camera housing avaliable, depends on car make and model.


Front camera (optional) can be added to reversing camera kit for extra cost.