Professionally installed car alarm system.

We supply and professionally install top quality car alarms and other vehicle security devices. We are Mongoose Accredited Installers and all our Mongoose car alarms come with full 3 or 5 years warranty and after sale support . Using our more than 20 years experience in car alarm industry can help you choose best alarm model for your car, requirements and budget. We're happy to install any car alarms, supplied by customer, but can give warranty on installation only (Modules faults will not be covered with our warranty).

  • Vehicle GPS tracker VT404 more info ...
    This small device can be very unpleasant surprise for car theft and will help you recovery your vehicle after it haas been stolen. It also has lots of useful function for everyday use. No extra costs for mapping software. No monitoring fees - just SIM card charges. GPS location on-demand - Manual or automatic tracking, monitoring & reporting. Great add-on to any vehicle security system! Put second line of defense into your car!
    NZ$ 599.00
  • Mongoose M60B car security system with built-in Turbo timer...
    NZSA 4 star rated.
    This easy to use dual immobiliser car alarm system with shock sensor, standard siren and built-in Turbo timer can provide keyless entry, automatic immobilisation and allows you to use turbo timer with no sacrifice in security.

    3 year warranty on product

    Price include GST and installation
    NZ$ 549.00
  • Mongoose M80G car security system with built-in Turbo timer...
    NZSA 5 star rated.
    This top range alarm system include three immobilisation points, shock sensor, glass break sensor, battery backup siren and built-in Turbo timer. Best choose for "high risk" vehicles like Subaru, Mitsubishi Evo ect.

    5 years warranty on product.
    Price include GST and installation
    NZ$ 649.00
  • Mongoose MAP80G alarm upgrade more info...
    NZSA 5 star rated.
    If your vehicle already has factory fitted central locking and you want to keep using factory remotes, then MAP80G is the right choice. It receiving signals from factory keys for the central locking for arming and disarming the alarm and provide you with extra protection options such as two additional immobiliser, shock sensor, glass brake sensor and battery backup siren. 5 years warranty on product. Price includes GST and installation.
    NZ$ 649.00