Replace or Repair?

Replace or Repair?

When some complex electronic module in your vehicle get faulty, it can be quite tricky to replace it. Such modules can be hard to find, very expensive or required lots of additional work like coding, adaptation, or changing complectation settings.

But what if faulty module can be repaired?

We have experience in repairing dash clusters, control modules and other electronic equipment on wide range of makes and models. Very often such repairs cheaper or same cost as second hand units, but not involve expensive additional charge for codding/reprogramming, so usually you pay less, than if you replace it with second hand unit.

Some examples of our latest successful repair include Volvo V40 dash cluster, Holden Ute speedometer and EWS2 BMW immobiliser system.

So if your have problem with some electronics in your vehicle contact us and check if your module can be repaired.

Posted: Fri 29 Jan 2016